Are Reverse Mortgages Right For You?

Reverse Mortgages

These loan programs are available to customers over 62 years of age to help improve financial security, quality of life and ease of mortgage payments. The total amount of money you can receive from your house is limited and determined by the age of the youngest borrower or eligible non-borrowing spouse, the value of the house, and the interest rate at the time of closing. 


Money Received is Not Taxable

Because the money received by the borrower is not income, there are no income taxes to pay and the money received can be used for any purpose.

Homeowner Maintains Ownership Of The Home

Since the owner retains all ownership rights, any appreciation in the value of the home belongs to the homeowner. Because the borrower retains ownership, they must comply with the loan terms which include occupying the home as their primary residence, paying taxes and insurance, and maintaining the property.

In many cases, despite the interest being charged on the outstanding balance of a reverse mortgage, the homeowner’s equity in the property actually grows over time. This is possible because interest is only charged on the outstanding balance of the loan, whereas the rate of appreciation of property values operates on the full value of the home.

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